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I'm praying for you and your family. My father is dealing with lung cancer right now, so I know how ugly the disease is. Praying for a complete healing for you.
Yes, it sure does!! We tbm thru O last month, but I think I over-limed the swimmers. Oops! I'm aiming for a ph of 5 this month instead. I don't want to kill them all off again. LOL
We're trying for a girl, after 2 boys. We are going all out with the natural swaying though, including TBM as described on the in-gender board.
I'm ttc a girl, but not usuing O+12. I'm not certain enough of ovulation to do that. I'd rather change our ph and do other stuff to try for a girl. Have you considered testing your ph to see if you and DH are acidic or alkaline?
Just wondering if anyone else is ttc a specific gender? We are swaying for a girl, after 2 wonderful little boys.
Can no one see the good in fluff factory by donating to a charity of some sort in hopes to help out others? that is the whole point. The charity will get money to help autistic children. That's a good thing in my book, regardless of whether or not *I* agree with the charity they choose.
Velour and sherpa are my faves.
Holy moses that's a lotta diapers!! Very nice!! I could never use it all. I would have to just pet some of it.
I've used it on all of my diapers for over a year now with no build up. IT's one of the safe ones, as it Ecover and I've heard Method from Target is fine too. Downy Advanced was the best, but they've quit making it. Many people think fabric softener and think bad, but there are a few that are fine for diapers.
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