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Thank you much!!  
Hello!  I'd like to give a gift to my doula and was thinking a rebozo would be nice (I also believe it's on the wishlist for my doula).  But I am not really in the position to purchase a nice, new, fancy one, so I need to make something.  I was wondering if any doulas have made a rebozo out of fabric?  If so, what dimensions did you use?  Tips on which types of fabric to buy?    I would greatly appreciate any feedback!
I'm sorry to hear you went through this!  My son had jaundice after our home birth but we determined that it was the physiological kind that occurs in about 50% of babies and began clearing by day 4 or 5, so we decided not to treat.  I was really worried for a couple days there, though, trying to decide what we were going to do.    Another thing you can do to address the hindmilk/foremilk imbalance (we had it with baby #3) is to block feed.  As in, you only nurse on...
My 3rd was a carseat cry-er and it was horrid.  At the time, we had to make weekly 2 hour one-way trips and it was heartbreaking.  My 1.5 week old is now also a carseat cry-er and I'm finding we're avoiding going anywhere because it's so heart-wrenching.  I really hope it gets better.  
Congrats, Desert and Jenna!  Beautiful babies!
  Henry Oliver  
Henry ended up being 22 and 1/8 inches long.  She doesn't check until a day or two afterwards since they are so balled up right away.
I lost pieces for weeks, but the most came out at about 6/7 cm, shortly before transition with a lot of bloody show.
With this one, I was 4 days over (previous births were 3 weeks early, 1 day over, and 2 days over) and at 4cm and 50% effaced, jello soft, and my cervix had tipped forward.  She slightly swept my membranes (said it was easy and didn't really want to over do it) at 9pm and I awoke in hard core labor at 3:20am.  It was quick for me, but I had done a lot of prepping ahead with prodromal labor.  Best wishes that this is it!
We were over 4 days and dilated to 4cm with 50% effaced, jello soft at my only cervical check.  I was restless and wanted to speed prodromal labor along, so she suggested sweeping my membranes.  She did a very partial job, said it was an easy job/very ready, and sent me home.  That was about 9/9:30pm, and then I awoke at 3:20am in labor.  It was about 6 hours start to finish.  I didn't feel comfortable with cohosh herbs and we found out at the birth that he had low fluid...
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