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My sweet baby boy, Henry Oliver, arrived gently into our arms at home this morning at 9:26am amidst some really incredible love and support.  He weighed in at 9# 8oz and is nursing beautifully!
That is very, very difficult.  Is this your first time working with this midwife?  My first homebirth (second baby) was a different midwife, and the birth itself was much more negative than I was prepared for due to personal drama between her and I and scheduling issues.  I was disappointed, too.  My next birth, I ended up with a much different midwife (we had moved) and it was incredibly healing.  She is helping me again this time.  I really hope you are able to find...
Heading into 40 weeks, 4 days.  My midwife contacted me and asked if I wanted a cervical check because I was feeling so defeated about going longer than ever before and having so much prodromal labor.  So tonight she checked me.  I'm 4cm, about 50% effaced, soft as jello, and baby is about zero station, really, really low.  When she finished, she mentioned something about how she was able to reach right around his head and said something about stripping membranes.  I...
(((Hugs)))).  It has to be a very emotional place you are in today.  Blessings as you move through your day and process. 
So sweet, Feral!!    And you look great!!  
Overdue by 2 days now, myself.  Wish I could say I feel good, but that's just not the case.  He's engaged in a very soft, very effaced cervix that's working on dilating, so there's a constant pinching, burning sensation when I walk as his head digs into my cervix.  Just about every night I have a spell of early labor, strong contractions that fizzle out, so that's disappointing every night!  And the best one? His head is wedged in so tightly that I feel like I have to...
So many gorgeous babies!!!!!! 
DesertSunsets, I love, love, love that last photo. It's so candid and intimate.  I hope you frame it!!
 Me, yesterday, at 39 weeks, 1 day with little man H.  Hoping to meet him soon!
I asked my midwife yesterday, and she said she thinks it's the water being displaced as his head slips into position low.  I don't know, but it's very strange feeling!  I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one - I was feeling rather alone, lol, as my midwife said she's never heard that before in nearly 30 years of practicing!
New Posts  All Forums: