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Over the last few weeks (we don't know for sure but suspect I've been dilating, slightly effacing for a while now), when I relax the pelvic floor to go to the bathroom, I get this feeling first: It's a shift and "pop" type feeling.  It feels like my water's breaking (had that happen at start of labor before) but it's not and happens several times a day when I first sit down in the restroom and relax.  After that, baby's head (very easily palpated, extremely low, head...
((hugs)) as you work through this change.  That must have been so scary!
Congratulations!  I'm sorry birth didn't go as expected.  My first was a hospital birth where interventions led to me requesting and receiving an epidural.  My next birth, knowing what I learned the last time, was very healing.  Hoping you're enjoying your snuggles and that you're able to process through your birth.
I'm very, very sorry for your loss and the worry you're feeling with being without DH.
Yay!!  Happy birthing!!
We don't have a lot of *close* friends nor babysitters that I'd feel comfortable having here, and we're a couple hours from any family.  Last birth, we just went with the flow, since I labored mostly at night when they slept.  This time, I hired a doula to support me, with the premise that my husband is primarily with our kids (and me, but in charge of them).  He usually kind of gets nervous and starts putz-ing around anyways; he never really knows quite what to do. ...
I too ran into this while interviewing during another pregnancy.  When I stated that I felt highly this would bother me during labor and didn't want any other children present, I received attitude in response.  So, we kept moving down the list of interviews and never hired that midwife.  It was the midwife's daughter in law who would have been bringing her baby and helping out.  We didn't have a lot of local options, but thankfully I clicked with the next one and had a...
THANK YOU!!  You have made me feel so much better!!  I have been beating myself up the last couple days wondering if I'm going to hurt him by having had it as late as this week and due just about any day now.  But I've had a lot of nausea and a few key staples which include gluten have helped me with weight and nausea.    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
Lol, no...I probably should.  Honestly, I just plop them in there, add the soaking fluid, the top off with other water.  I use an old glass jar from jam and then cover with cheese cloth and place on the counter for a day.  Then I take out 1/2 cup, pop it into a container, and strain/rinse the rest before adding water to cook.  The first time you do it, you really should measure the water before/after.  I think it was 2 cups grains, 4 cups water, then after soaking there...
I do 2 cups of dry rice with 3-4 cups of water, but I reserve 1/2 cup of the soaking fluid.  After 3 cycles, it drastically reduces the phytic acid.  I wish I could say that's "precisely" why we do it, but honestly it's because brown rice, 1) cooks much faster once soaked, 2) tastes INCREDIBLY better after soaking - so much more tender!!
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