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I've heard some doozies over the years. From a postpartum nurse with DS2 (my first BF child) : "squirt some formula on your nipples so he'll smell the food and know what to do." From a lady at the WIC office: "He NEEDS milk", when I told her DS2 was allergic to milk and was still breastfeeding and therefore did not require any other kind of milk besides human milk, she said, "I've never heard that before!" From our old "doctor" (read:idiot): "You need to stop feeding...
No I did not get my vba3c.  I was threatened by a court order and ImprovingBirth.org came to my aide to get the doctors to "allow" a trial of labor but I ended up requesting a section because of pain and involuntary pushing.  While I am at peace with my decision, I do feel like I would have made different choices had I felt more supported by the staff. PA is terrible for childbirth. :(
Thanks! I definitely didn't want to spam anyone but I wanted to spread the word since this is something that I know many people here have struggled with and it's important. :) To anyone that may be interested in coming, check out the facebook page because we're also having a sign making party Saturday in the back mountain area!
Admin, I hope it's okay to post this and I don't mean to spam anyone.  I know it's short notice but we just got approved for a location. On Monday, September 2nd (labor day) I will be holding a local Rally to Improve Birth at the Hugh B. Hughes Funeral Home on Wyoming Ave in Forty Fort. It's a weird location but it was the only place that agreed to let us gather there. We're advocating for evidence based birth and I know a lot of women here are supportive of such so I...
It's for a vba3c and I ended up getting some legal advocacy (the internet can be an amazing place) and between the advocates and one particularly awesome OB that I had never met before, I've been officially informed that no court order will be sought and they will not turn me away when I present in labor.  So now, I will just sit back, relax, and try to enjoy that last 2ish weeks of my pregnancy. :)
I wanted to update this because of what recently happened.  I'm going to say proceed with caution.  Last Friday, I was threatened with a court order if I do not consent to a repeat c-section.  The doctor made it abundantly clear that the entire practice would seek one if I show up in labor and am still refusing a section. He is quite serious and says his practice has done this before- so please tell them to be very careful if they choose to birth at geisinger.
To be fair, whatever midwife it was that was present for my sons birth back in 2010 was amazing.  They're not all bad here.  I don't remember her name and I don't know if she's even still there but she tried to make me as comfortable as possible.  She was my only positive experience with a Geisinger midwife (so far) and I had forgotten about her when I was posting before. Hopefully other's have some more feedback for you. :)
I'm in Forty Fort, so right next door. :)  My kids were not born at home because I didn't think I could afford a hb midwife with them and now wish I had figured out a way to do so because the local hospitals are filled with bullies but they are not vaccinated and are extended BF.
Where in PA are you looking? One midwife at the Dallas Geisinger clinic is insistant that I need to have a c/s and a midwife at the Wilkes-Barre office told me Friday that I'm hypoglycemic and then Saturday the ER doctor told me that that was impossible because my blood sugar is awesome all the way back to 2010.  He actually said, "I'm not sure who's chart she was looking at but it wasn't yours!". So unfortunately, I've had some negative experiences with them in...
Our ped personally vax's her daughter but does not give us a hard time about not vaxxing our boys at all.  Her name is Dr. Ryan, she's with Geisinger but she's in south Wilkes-barre.  If you cannot find someone closer, I highly recommend her. Not only is she respectful of parental choices, she actually cared enough to help my son.  We went from doctor to doctor where I was ignored constantly.  When we found Dr. Ryan, she immediately agreed that there was a problem and...
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