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I left a message on the post about being board and the value of it.   Nice blog and program, I am ten years into homeschooling.   My eldest in trying high school this year (grade 10) but my youngest is still homeschooling.   I would love to try Oak Meadow.   :) Kathleen
"put away" with some other toys or puzzles/ or with arts and crafts supplies? Hope you find it soon!
subbing to this thread too.   I have made treasure maps for many years now. I also have my mom and sister doing them with amazing results!! I mean incredible!    Can't wait to buy some magazines - this is the only time I ever buy new magazines and I already have some idea's in my head about what I want on my map this year.   Thank you Tracy for continuing this process with us, and to everyone for the inspiration.  
  I don't know what to say :(   It sounds like you are in a very bad place right now.   I am sure there are many mama's here that can relate to your cheating h, but that is a whole other kettle of fish. Marriage builders is often mentioned. And if you do want to work on your marriage that is your choice, but I think you need to work on your own stuff more.   However you came to see the sorted photos of your h and the other woman ( and I use that term loosely...
independent, determined, friend, resilient, deserving, optimist.
beautiful! Keep on taking care of yourself
That's great that he is okay!   The joys of parenthood!
HI ! Yes, definately bring a gift for Christmas for the kids. There are a few good reasons. Firstly, they're kids, and it's all about the kids. Heck, many people even give gifts to kids they've never met, who they aren't related to. Secondly, you'll only get one time to make a 1st impression. You can be those cool relatives who were thoughtful enough to bring something for the kids. You have some choices, food and candy are often nice, a game the whole family can share...
I agree with the pp, ignore her and move on. You give her power even spending one more minute on this. If you can, find a way to forgive her and forget about it. You would be happier for it. ( I know this is easier said then done, but holding on to bad feelings will leave you feeling bad )      
New Posts  All Forums: