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Love Oak Meadow! On the brink of diving head first into kindergarten with my 5 year old and my 3 year old at her heels... this curriculum prize would be a huge gift for our family!  Thanks for the chance & I have liked & commented in all the right places.  Thanks!
I loved Audrey, if you have question pm me :)
I grew up listening to Raffi's beautiful, gentle & wise music and now I treasure sharing it with my children.  His music is so sweet & profound, what an amazing tool he has gifted us parents with!     He hasn't toured in many Years, but will be singing 3 shows this fall, and one US show in Seattle!!!     OCTOBER 27 @ The Moore Theater   What an amazing chance to see him in person & share our hearts together in song!   Be sure to check out his website and...
I had a great VBAC experience with Sally Avenson delivering at Group Health! She has a private practice w/ VBAC privileges @ Group Health, give her a call!
eeboo makes some really lovely alphabet wall art cards. And these montessori style sandpaper alphabet sets are really great, using multiple senses at once :)   http://www.etsy.com/shop/polliwog77?ref=seller_info
i like bella luna toys!! w o w !
i am an mdc fb fan!
Wowee these are cute!  i think Beco is on the righ track by making great prints like this & photos of Dad's wearing babes.  The more it is seen and seen as normal the better.  When a family can buy a printed carrier that both parents like it helps too, we cant afford more than one as much as Id love to have several, so one that we both will be comfortable wearing is essential.  
Maybe home made play doh & little tools to work with? 
We have had great luck just using the ribbed part of the sweater as a gentle waist band, but once we moved out of diapers, they fall down pretty easy. We have PT eC'd with a fitted and wool pants and it worked great for us. I never used a gusseted pattern b/c I kind of just wing it and I never took the time to figure it out. Our fitteds are pretty trim and by adding a little extra to the rise we've always had plenty of room. My biggest tip is to shop in the men's...
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