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I'm so sorry you're still struggling with this. It must be so tough with two other kids to look after.I have to say that IMO block feeding is really bad advice for a baby who's not gaining - it's usually a technique for reducing over supply. Babies who aren't gaining aren't getting enough milk not the "wrong" milk. You don't need to worry about foremilk vs hindmilk as long as you're letting baby finish the first breast before offering the other. Babies who aren't gaining...
There is NOTHING better than hot and sour soup when you're sick. Feel better, colemom. I have to try those Asian salmon patties - they sound totally kid-friendly and it's nice to be able to cook out of the pantry. I'd love to hear more canned fish recipes!
Another yep here. She lied but you only discovered that by abusing your position. If she's a good babysitter I'd keep her.
We have co-slept with DS2 - now 11 months - since birth. We do put him in his crib at about 7 p.m. for the first part of the night until we go to bed but it can take a couple to tries to get him down and I often find myself going to bed really early to get him back to sleep. What I would do if I could is put our mattress on the floor and babyproof our bedroom so I could nurse him down and leave him sleeping in our bed.
I have to disagree with your doctor: a newborn not gaining for two weeks - unless they were ill - is not within the range of normal. The bottom line is that she's either not getting enough to eat - either because of low supply or a problem transferring milk, which will eventually result in low supply - or she can't make use of the milk she is getting because of some medical condition, which would be rare. Breast milk is 22 calories an ounce. Formula has 20 calories. But...
I don't think you HAVE to wean down. I plan to take 90 mg a day until DS2 weans. He's a total boob man so I suspect it could end up being three years. The first time I took dom, my supply tanked and my fertility came back at 30 mg a day.
I'm glad it's helpful. Pretty interesting stuff.
I absolutely 100% think every baby with a TT should be clipped. My only regret is that DS1 wasn't clipped enough. But I'm of two minds about lip ties. On the one hand, some moms do report improvements when they're clipped and dentists say they can cause problems in the future so why not? But on the other hand, the idea that "fish lips" are desirable in a latch has been replaced with the view that babies suck better with the upper lip in a neutral position and clipping can...
Dr. Newman's protocol is to drop one pill a day every couple of days as long as you don't notice any difference then stop at the lowest effective dose. So you'd take eight pills a day for a few days then drop to seven and so on.I hope your pills come soon
Were the sausages good? I make a pretty good crockpot meal with sausages where you brown them then cook them with shredded red cabbage, onion and a little cider vinegar and brown sugar. You stir in apple cubes towards the end so they don't totally dissolve. I like it with good rye bread and butter or roasted potatoes on the side.
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