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Beth, I'm sorry you can't find real-life help but I just wanted to tell you that you're WAY ahead of the game to be thinking about these issues before your babe arrives. Good for you! There's a great book full of recent research called The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk that covers many of your questions about supply and when to start supplementing. Have you checked out mobimotherhood.org? I know some women with PCOS find taking metformin during lactation...
Eh. Don't knock the box. I like Chardonnay as long as it's not too oaky. Cheap is fine. This thread has made me realize that I consume four beverages, only one of them healthful: coffee, water, beer, wine.
I was passing by a really great local butcher and picked up some of their famous burgers. We had them with sweet potato fries and celery sticks with clementines for dessert. It was a big hit with both boys. My 11-month-old would have eaten an entire burger if we let him. My three-year-old is an incredibly slow eater so the baby hung out under big brother's chair waiting for dropped food. It's like we have a dog. Now he'll nurse all night like he's starving
You have just been through the ringer. I'm so sorry. I wish your had a more supportive LC. How are you feeling about all of this? I don't know what else is happening in your life but facing these kind of challenges with a newborn can be all-consuming and so tough emotionally. I would try the shield and LA when he's sleepy and/or after a bottle feed so he'll be more relaxed and patient. Some moms have had good luck trying to latch in the bath. I don't have any experience...
That is SO frustrating. When my supply was low after DS2 was born I asked to have my prolactin tested. My doctor told me it was normal but when I asked the number I discovered it was indeed low for a lactating woman. I wouldn't have known if it weren't for reading "The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk."I hope dom helps you with your next babe!That's wonderful! Isn't the LA great
Does she still seem to be getting plenty of milk? Five times a day doesn't seem like a lot of times for an eight-month-old to be breastfeeding a day. Does she have the pincer grip yet? I might consider offering the breast more often and letting her self feed so she's not overloading on solids at the expense of breastmilk.
That's awesome! Average intake for an exclusively breastfed baby - so before starting solids - is 25 ounces. So she's really nursing well and your supply is great. She must be a healthy, growing girl.
How are you getting along,Snowflower? It's great that you're feeding him often - that's really important. Output is really only useful as a barometer of weight gain - the assumption being that kids who are getting enough milk to poo and pee appropriately MUST be gaining, too - but weight gain is really the gold standard. Have you been supplementing? Is he gaining?
I like Ellyn Satter a lot, too. I try to include foods that I know DS - age 3.5 - will eat in every meal but I try very hard not to either praise or scold him about food other than requiring that he eat neatly with his utensils (a work in progress) and stay in his chair until everyone is finished etc. As Satter writes, it's up to me to decide when, where and what he eats and up to him to decide if he'll eat and how much. It really prevents power struggles. There are a few...
Hang in there, mama. I hope the LC can help. The only thing I can think of is maybe using the LA underneath a nipple shield. Maybe that would make the nipple more like a bottle and he could latch on and get milk from the LA? I'm not sure about the WAP formula and the tube, though... My first son had garden variety colic and was treated for reflux - it made no difference. I've seen research showing that probiotics (lactobacillus reuteri) can help babes with colic. Might be...
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