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EarthLandia products has a fantastic natural bug repellent and sunscreen. 
EarthLandia Products has a really good natural deodorant that actually works!   
My belly is super achy and crampy.  It even goes completely numb on the lower half.  It's really uncomfortable.  I bought a maternity belt and it helps alot.  
Exactly.  It makes me sick to think about all the poor babies born in hospitals only hours old, having a piece of their penis chopped off :(
I second Heart and Hands, my favorite out of all the books I read to prepare for a UC. 
I get mine in bulk from Frontier coop online.
After having an US with my first and second, I came across an article that described getting an US is like having a jet engine taking off in the womb. I did more research and definitely choose not to get one with my third or fourth. Same goes for this one.
My last birth was a planned UP/UC. It was amazing. I've had a hospital birth, two hb's with a midwife, and a UC. Planning a UC for this one as well. I knew right when I got pregnant with number 4 that I wanted a UC. Part of my decision was because we paid almost $7000 in cash for the previous two births. I felt like we were just paying that much to go to the midwife's house to chat for an hour and to step on their scale. I denied getting blood tests and checking my...
Hi! I am pregnant with number 5. What a surprise. I had been charting to avoid, but I swear I ovulated twice in March...Is that even possible?? I have 4 children under 7, and we'll be planning another UC. I'm due around Dec. 1st.
Hi!  We just moved to Aurora from NV in June. We live on a few acres and can't wait to start our garden and get some chickens. My mom lives off Whiskey Hill in Hubbard.  We are excited to meet some like minded mamas in the area. My girls would love to find some friends. We are unschooling our children...Dd1 is almost 7, dd2 is 4, ds is 2 and the youngest dd is almost 1.  I would love to set something up!
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