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I reccomend getting a good fetal Stethoscope.  I am getting a Leff(the sound is very clear with a Leff).  Dopplers have risks that I personally am unwilling to take.
Low BP must be normal for you as it is for me.  A drop in BP during pregnancy can indicate, dehydration, anemia or hypoglycemia.  I think the other posters suggestions were great.  It can also indicate a healthfully expanded blood volume. I second the Epidural information, a drop in BP is one of the risks of epidural.
I had a miscarriage six weeks after conception around the end of July.  For awhile I didn't even want to think about trying to concieve again and every once in awhile I just get this feeling that I am supposed to be pregnant.         I suppose I am here again now ecause I desperately want another baby, but I just dont have as much emotional resiliance .  As soon as I have ovulated I start feeling cranky and frustrated and not wanting to deal with two weeks of waiting....
Um so , just after I posted that it wouldn't be this month and I was expecting my period any day . . . I started to feel pregnant,  So I took a test this morning(16DPO) and it was positive within 20 seconds!  Wow!  We are so excited!  So you can move me to success stories!
Hello everyone,   I haven't beeen on here much lately but am still TTC.  Right now I am at the end of my 2WW and I expect to bleed by Sunday or Monday.  I dont have much hope as I usually feel pregnant from the start when I am but I dont this time.  So you can Put me in 2WW please and I'll update when my period starts.  Maybe next month once we get settled in our new house.  My second little one will be 2 on July 24th so it would be pretty good timing I think.
If you like you can post your answers here as well.  I would really appreciate some replys:)  
Hi Ladies,   I am a mother of two little boys with a theory about an innate difference between birthing entirely alone or with someone present.  I am having trouble finding research for the phenomenom I have noticed and was wondering if some of you would mind sharing your experiences.  I need responses from women who have experienced birth entirely alone, with another individual and also who have experienced the presence of another individual and the lack of anyone...
No one has any ideas? :(  I tested and I am not pregnant.  After further reading, I guess it could be pre-ovulation bleeding based on the amount but it still doesn't make much since to me when I have no other signs of fertility right now . . 
It has been 24 days since I last ovulated and about a week and a half since my period ended.  I am still nursing and I was expecting ovulation to happen in the next couple of days but I have no signs of it yet.  My last period was about half as heavy as usual but way too heavy still to have been implantation bleeding.  My husband and I had sex last night and we were not rough, nor did I have any bleeding at the time.  Tonight I noticed that I was having some spotting,...
CIO is always CIO.  If I wake up crying and need something at night I expect that the people in my house who love me will help me.  (Nightmare, illness, dealing with sick kids and need help, got a bad phone call and cant go to sleep)   As I am an adult I dont need help and support at night often but children still get scared, lonely, need their comforting routines etc.  I will come when my teenagers cry at night.  
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