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ive never tipped for delivery of stuff. i pay DELIVERY FEES. that's enough. sorry dudes.
what about the csection scar?????? ive had many big babies, and not one stretchmark on my belly. (yes i do in other places) i think the other risks are far greater also. but id think the csect scar alone would be enough
i do not think it should hurt her feelings. be nice about it. and ask her to please not kiss your daughter.
i wouldn't go with her. you went out of your way to help make the situation into an enjoyable event. i do not think it is "against her religion"...perhaps she misunderstood. either way. i'd just tell her you aren't interested in attending.
I have had 3 boys. I was TRYING to wait until they were all one year before cutting. My last son's hair was getting too long though, and everyone kept asking me if he was a she... so, we cut it at 10 months (actually DH shaved it with his hair trimming thing)
Sasst made ours. Kmart for $4 I think. I am always SOOOO afraid of choking. With this you do NOT need to worry about choking! He loves to eat all kinds of fruits and veggies with it. He refuses to let me spoon feed him.. .... THIS has been a true life saver! He'll just suck and suck....Smile, COOO, and say "YUMMMMM" He's 10 months.
how adorable! i have a kindergartener this year too! she is a sweetie, thank you for sharing!
id remind him of how he felt when he was spanked. you might also find examples....go to a McDonalds for example, and notice the kids with "bad behavior".... strike up converstions with their parents..... 9 out of 10 i will bet SPANK. .gooooood luck im sure others have better advice than me, but i hope you are able to persuade. ALSO . most any book at the library on childcare will tell you how that spanking is NOT the answer, Experts usually agree on this.
hi from another old member i quit comming because i was busy, im back now too
some would be OK training early like that . no problem. other's would not and Mainsteam people it would be cruel, cause they'd be hitting or yelling at their kids for making 'mistakes', so that'd be a bad thing. gentle parenting. you could teach early. IF your child is ready. yours sounds ready. i always try around 18 months, 24 months, and 2 1/2 yrs old.......... and mine have NEVER been ready until 2 1/2 yrs. but, mine dont do a lot of talking...
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