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my friend nursed and used zoloft. id not recommend it. her baby seemed to develop very very slowly, and seemed kinda dazed to me. i don't want to scare you, but i would like to warn you. i would not take it.
i love it! use it! Every name could be made fun of. That isn't even very bad.
my friend is doing it now! she had breast reduction surgery, and is breastfeeding. her milk came in. her baby is loosing weight though, but she is only ONE week old, so i guess that is normal. drs had told her she would not be able to, but her milk is in , so she is going for it.
part of me would love to share. but, with 2 kids and one on the way, i dont feel it is "safe" enough. if i did not have children. i think i'd be open to it.
id hold off , until if/when she gets pg again. i think some discovery channel type documentaries are the most helpful. also, i think great works of art and such are good influences for not circ'
why are they looking at their dad's penis anyway. that i'd think might be more harmful than helpful. even when they are both circ' or both non circ' they arent' going to look the "same" anyway. adult penis/child penis aren't the same.
: id write a letter. that sounds good. i'd keep it short though. just hit the MAIN points that you REALLY want them to listen to. good luck.
at 3 years old it was like a nursery rhyme to him. he didn't understand what was being said really. not sure how old original poster's children are though. i only have a few minutes a day to read and post. sorry.
any books you can recommend that show and tell in detail how to deal with, clean, take care of, and understand uncirc babies? i have never cared for one before and i dont think i am going to circ' this baby.........im afraid though, cause i dont know ANYTHING about what to do. thanx
maybe you wont get morning sickness! i didn't get sick at all (not even once) with my first two! boys. good luck ps, nothing really helped me except time with my 3rd. i got sick on boy #3.
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