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applejuice is right. it never ends. you can't please everyone. sometimes it feels like you can't please anyone. just do what you KNOW is best. you da mum
i try to avoid all of it. when given a choice. i do sugar. but i keep it to a minimum
mine are more friendly, and around more. i think because they are pretty sensitive to my feelings. i have felt depressed, tired, etc they seem to know, and want to cheer me up. they are good at that. i love them.
i went to OB at 8 weeks. he usually doesn't take patients until 12 weeks, but i had problems: i was VERY ill with morning sickness, so he was worried about me. at the 8 week visit they found my HCG levels were VERY high, 195,000! and did an ultrasound. they moved my due date to be 10 days earlier at that time.
hello: anyone know how to get the rates of an OB's c-sections? i am going to ask him for the information, but i worry how accurate it would be. my friend had a baby recently, and i am pretty sure her c-section was not "necessary" and I want to avoid that. Suggestions? :
we are not religious at all. i had my son in a religious preK last year. prayers were ok with me. it is a VERY small part of the day. they really make it more of a poem/song than any 'spiritual' thing. i'd recommend leaving the child in. it really doesn't do any harm, and it really doesn't brain wash them or anything. i do understand your concerns. i had them too, but honestly, it was such a tiny thing when school started, that you wouldn't even notice it.
i hope she gets a big gnarley scar from it! lol
others could tell i was PG and would comment around week 16. i could tell by looking myself right away......8 weeks? maybe. but, no one else could. so, i go by the 16 weeks, when i voted. ps. im 5'7" and usually like 140. i have BIG 9 pound babies.
my grandma had my dad at home. he was 12 pounds also. no drugs. no anything. she was a smallish person too. 5' 4" 120 pounds normally. not a big person. also, personally. I had a 9 LB 1 oz baby. Naturally. No drugs. Vaginal birth. took me 12 hrs. and i pushed him for over 5 hours. but. I had him. and we are both fine. he was in a hospital. unlike grandma. mine was in 1992. my grandma had my dad 62 years ago.
we might "have" to have our youngest there. id rather not, but i don't really have a babysitter. i have one friend that said she will watch him, but i can't count on that 100% to be honest. my family is an hour away, and wont be able to be there if it happens at night (they are too old to drive at night). so, mine might be with us. im glad to hear it can be positive.
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