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im so glad i started comming back here. maybe i am not alone in this world (sorry to post twice, but i was just so happy to see this)
i am totally with you witchbaby
both are cute. sounds sooooooooooo fun. btw they have cute monkey costumes on ebay, they are 'babygap'. we got a frog. my son will be 11 months around halloween. im excited. your ideas sound fun! enjoy the holiday.
that's sad. i've had similar experiences. i read somewhere..forget where.... that when women hear a baby cry, their bodies release a hormone...chemical...that upsets us more than ANY OTHER SOUND on the planet. when a man hears a baby cry, it gives them the same responses as any loud sound. so, there is reason to feel upset, besides the obvious love. it is also chemical..so to speak. good luck getting your thesis done. it is good you have...
the boppy was. when he was 0-3 months. i also used it to sit on after the birth. a door would be nice.
that's a fantastic sign! usually, if they don't want you. you just get a letter in the mail. if you even get that.
i'd prefer aliens to the horrible people we have next door ANY DAY! maybe they'll get abducted and replaced :::Crossing fingers:::: or, as my oldest son said when he was little "MOMMY, I don't want to get ADOPTED by aliens".
i can't understand it either! especially with diseases all over the place (STDs).... you'd think that MONOGOMY would be encouaged by the government. i don't get it. but, i dont like to mix religion with politics, which a lot of people seem to do on a regular basis.
i love it. i don't really think it is "overly young" at all. i'd advise to buy a bigger size than you normally wear....those junior sections make stuff TINYYYYYYYYYY i am a size 9, but in junior departments im a XXL just an FYI for you.
depends. my husband gets "what?" a lot. i'd sure like to say "WTF did you say to me?" that is so awesome! that made my fn' day. haha i can't hear very well. this comes up a lot. i try to be polite to people i don't know very well, or my kids. poor dh gets "WHAT?!"... he is a "low talker".
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