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StephandOwen, wow! That's exactly how it is with my best friend and her children. In fact, everyone I know that is a parent is like that, except for my husband and I...and my parents... is why i like it on this board. seems like all the other chat/discussion websites are also like that. it seems so obvious. i guess it isn't.
mine stopped around 6 months...so very soon!!! once they sat up straight a lot... the drool....is another story. :
interesting question my older two didn't share. my middle and last will share. i am thinking of having them share when the baby is 12-18 months or so...when he is bigger and walking...more coordinated... we have a twin bed on the floor in their room now, but my baby is in his crib in that room. the two are SOOOOO happy sharing a room. i'll be glad when they co-sleep. i've thought about putting them both into the crib (my middle son is only 41 lbs, but then he...
my first baby's poop was green a lot the doctors told me it was just high "iron content" we were using iron fortified formula though...... but, iron might cause the green in breastmilk bm too. so, that's my thought on that green stuff. :ewe:
i had a meeting with the principal. the teacher's aids are going to be keeping a closer watch on my son...to see what indeed is going on. the first couple of incidents were with the same two "bullies". this last time was with a little girl from his actual kindergarten class. the two "bullies were at recess and the little girl was after recess (in line--going up some stairs). i believe the principal, that she is going to have the aids watch him more closely. ...
yes and no i can look past some things with family i would not look past with friends ie...i had a grandmother who was wonderful in every way, except she was very racist.. i let it go... (tried to reason with her, but it did not help)... she was raise in another time/world/reality. and lived about 50+ miles from anyone of another race (Literally) 90% or more of her life. then there are other family members that i didn't love at all being family just was not...
i am like you. i would not want to go. you were honest and brave to tell her taht you didn't want to go. if it does not have to be done 1/1...then i say you are totally fine. maybe call, visit, or write her a letter . let her know you are not judging her..... it is different for HER to go, (she is in love with him) and her family to go (they are FAMILY) you are neither. you should not be expected to go. my ex husband works in a prison. i know more than i...
that's hard. no advice. but, wanted to let you know your child isn't alone. i think is pretty common thing. people can be thoughtless.
that's horrible on way too many levels !
not exactly "miss out", but sometimes i 'miss' driving....to the bus stop...or nearby store. we choose to walk, if we can.
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