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try another brand? as their bodies change shape, sometimes another brand will fix that kind of problem. luvs are "guaranteed"...so you could get your money back if they didn't work. PS> huggies always leaked when my boys were newborn, but as they became toddlers, huggies worked the best.
all babies are different... i have noticed... a lot of times... when the mother responds to a baby's needs well, they tend to "talk" or "sign" later...........as their isn't much of a need to communicate differently, because all their needs are met, and they don't feel like they have much to "say"...so perhaps it is that. just an idea.
well first, you are not alone for sure. all my boys screetched. when happy, when sad, etc id just try to say "Oh that is tooo loud" or "You are hurting my ears" also, i recommend not giving them what they want, until they STOP screetching. "i will pick you up after you are quiet"...then pick them up when it has stopped. it is hard. mostly i got use to hearing it, but i know it bothered OTHER people. Most mom's will just tune it out....so don't...
i consider myself someone who practices "gentle parenting" i had not heard 'not' to say no.... i would think it is best not to say it allll the time. there are some things that really are off limits, then i say "no" trying to use other words when it is less of an important thing they are doing.
My son is in public school kindergarten. I would like to work with him at home too. He goes from 7:30 - 3:00 to school. I don't want to overdo teaching, but I want to Homeschool in addition to their school. My question: How long do you think I could spend "teaching" him handwriting, numbers, etc? Afraid of burning him out, or not doing enough.
any tips on getting a 9 month old baby to lay down for a diaper change? i try to be fast, but he still flips over and crawls away. it is very frustrating. advice?
my son was recently bullied at school (and beaten up) well, their parents were called in, and one of the parents SPANKED her child right then/there. this is NOT what i was hoping for at all. so, now, basically the kid gets the message that it is OK to hit....opposite of what needed to be taught. i was too shocked to do/say anything. I guess I don't have a question. But, rather, I just wanted to vent. : Thanks for listening/reading.
: but, remember to TIP more than normal. would be a good thought. (i guess i wasn't the first to say that, i gotta read all replies before posting)
the people i met when visiting Canada were great! and the people i met from canada online were great. so, i have a very positive feeling about canada. the ideas that come to mind when i hear the word Canada: clean, cool, friendly, English/French works for me!
i buy organic when possible. i also buy local when possible (summer)... our local neighbor sells veggies and melons that are chemical free, but not "organic" as such. so, i guess i say to do both. ((Hotwings said this first I guess, sorry to repeat.))
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