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Hello: I was hoping to get some ideas for what to feed my 9 month old baby. He refuses to eat when from a spoon (when I offer it). I need ideas for small , soft, things he could pick up and eat himself. Another issue is he only has 2 teeth. My other sons let me feed them for 12 months, so I am at a loss. : Thanks in advance.
id wait first trimester is when everything is formed. you dont want to send bad DNA instructions and end up with problems. just wait a trimester or so and do it then.
i was JUST wondering if they cried in there the other day thanks
i have not had ONE pain or problem with this pregnancy. BUT, i still hate it. i dont like feeling kicks i get panic attacks from feeling pregnant. i can't explain why, i just REALLY do not enjoy it. i also hate being stared at all the time by everyone. i can't wait to go back to my "normal" state of being. It is worth it in the end. Is only 9 or 10 months. But, I really do not enjoy it. PS, with all 3 pregnancies. i have felt...
Drink an "ensure with protein" every day. It TOTALLY cured me from hard stools. I had problems my ENTIRE life, but if i drink ONE Ensure per day, I am fine. Good luck
my last OB said OK after 2 weeks. he ONLY did two week check ups, not six weeks. i had stitches , they were healed by 2 weeks. no problem with two weeks for me. after 9LB baby. Good luck
yes, i have had bad experiences.
where did you get that info packet on care? glad she isn't. don't really think he is gonna look like daddy though. lol
id not get a baby just because of "baby lust" they are only babies for only a very few short weeks/months. and then you'd just feel empty and want another baby. so, i would not recommend adopting to fufill that desire. not sure what to replace it with. maybe fostercare? if you could specify you'd like to watch/care for only infants?
what can i do to help. my friend just had her baby and seems to have either the baby blues, or ppd. she had ppd before with her last. ive never had it. i don't know what i should do/say? any advice?
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