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Quote: Originally Posted by prairiebird In happier news though, baby prariebird #6 is here! He was 7 pounds even and delivered by C-section because he was coming one leg-first. It wasn't my dream birth by any means after all vaginal and most of them natural bitrh. But he's here and I'm slowly recovering. I'm fairly sure he'll be the last baby though, so I'm trying to savor every minute! He unfortunately has a terrible latch and needed bottle feedings...
I am subbing again this month, finding time for me at the moment is difficult. Pixie you are amazing! It's wonderful you are looking after and caring for little ones. I have a half written email to you and I promise to finish and send to you very soon. AM, Congrats on the $0 Welcome Betsy, I hope we get to know you soon.
hi bye BTW; Has anyone heard from Pixie recently?
Congrats Kat
Its lovely your daughter wanted to help the animals but I personally I believe you shouldn't feed wild animals as they can become dependent on humans can loose their foraging skills, they lose their fear of humans and you can make them sick by feeding them items not usually found in their diet like bread.
I don't think you are being over cautious. Here in Australia pools must be fenced yet every summer we still hear of tragic child drownings. I think every child should learn how survive if they fall into a pool or bathtub.
Quote: Originally Posted by pixiekisses Sam, from the previous thread, I'm sorry about your nephew, hope he gets better, and well. And I know the feeling when they move out, tough. How's Sophia and Nate doing? (Do you call her Soph?) And was it Bronte who had to get used to them? How's that going? (Sorry if I remember wrong.) Sophia ( yes we call her Soph) and Nate are doing really well I can't believe their nearly a month old already!...
I would cross post this in the special needs forum: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=157
Quote: Originally Posted by arcenciel Definitely subbing.... Haven't been on here for ages but realised I needed something. I just don't think I'm coping with 4. My youngest is 2.5 today (ds 11, 9 and dd 6) and I thought it was getting better now I'm not sure. I let them have cereal for tea tonight because I wasn't organised enough to have anything else...and the place is a mess. Please tell me it's going to get better??? Could you...
Subbing Thanks for starting the Feb thread Orangefoot, here in Australia we use mum too. Good luck Kat with your birth, I hope everything goes as safely and smoothly as possible
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