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I can't believe January is nearly over - my goodness it's gone fast! It's been a big month for me the birth of twins, my second son moving out and my nephew's cancer relapse has meant it being an very emotional month. how is everyone else going? Sam
The only thing I can think of for you to try is crossing your arms and tucking your hands under so she can't grab them and ask her not to touch you.
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I think it's winter stuff coupled with the fact that I would have been due in February. Yesterday was pretty bad. Today was better. Tomorrow will be better yet. Thanks for the love, mamas. I hope things get better for you soon AM,
Quote: Originally Posted by pixiekisses And happy Aussie day to my fellow Aussies! We're celebrating with cake at least. We're still thriving at home. Happy Australia Day Pixie We celebrated by having a bbq lunch, swimming, eating ice cream cones and in the evening we went and watched fireworks at a local park.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~bookcase~ Sam - I haven't read your births story yet.....glad they are home I have three kids under two years, maybe one day I will find the time to tell you all about it...... Helen and Crittersmom
Dropping in to say hi Sophia and Nate are doing really well I am relearning tandem nursing the last time I nursed two children at the same time was about 14 years ago Bronte is slowly warming up to her new siblings but still occasionally gives them a dirty look. my second son James moved out a few days ago and i am missing already Anyone want to do a house swap, The weather here is really hot and I am hating it Great to hear your little miss is...
I am sorry OP. Personally I think this haircut matter is trivial but that doesn't mean your feelings are not valid. Thanks Needle in the Hay.
My apologies for sounding harsh, it wasn't my intention to belittle the OP feelings.
Pixie, thinking and praying for little miss and all your family Nate and Sophia are finally coming home this afternoon Subbing
To be honest I think your overreacting a bit, my nephew lost his baby hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, maybe you should be grateful your son's has a silly daddy haircut instead of being bald and going through harsh medical treatment.
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