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Hi guys, Carolyn here I'm in the hospital and my Dr says I probably will be here until Julia arrives. I'm 31 weeks, so hopefully that will be at least a month. I have very limited time that I'm allowed to sit upright, so I probably won't be very visable. But the unit does have a computer that wheels into the room and I can use the mouse laying down and read posts....it's just too hard to type laying on my side. Here's what happened. I started having...
My dd is 2 and still in dipes, so I decided to splurge and get this diaper bag. I don't have it yet, but have heard nothing but praise for it. One step ahead backpack
Ya'll say a little prayer for me. I'm 29 weeks this week and that is when dd#1 was born. All is well so far, but I'm nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!
I have this too....my Dr said that it's just a bit of edema like you might be with swollen feet/legs, etc. It feels YUCKY!
My 26 month old dd won't either.... don't worry too much. I just bulk up her iron and protein other ways.... Check out some good vegetarian cookbooks or websites. My mom said I wouldn't eat meat until I was about 4....
Quote: Originally posted by Tanibani If he is totally agreeable and supportive, then WHY does it do it "often?" Is there another OB in your area who is more of a "natural" type OB? Can you switch? Talk to your local natural childbirth instructors... maybe they have a great recommendation. You may be too worn out at the end of the birth (or on another beautiful planet, staring at your baby tenderly) to have the energy to focus on what your OB is doing...
Quote: Originally posted by LuvMy2Kidz Milking the cord can flood the baby's heart with too much blood, makes it beat a lot faster just to keep up and is NOT safe!! Tell your ob to NOT do it. I would rather have the cord cut than milked. Do you have any references for this? Not that I don't believe you, I'm just looking for info I can print out and talk to my Dr. about.....
One thing I should add is that I've got to have a c section. (My dd was born via emergency c section and I've chosen not to attempt a VBAC for a few reasons) So, I'm sort of on the fence about the cord thing. I definitely want the baby to get the blood, but if I can't find any reason *not* to do the milking thing, I sort of don't care....since my guts will be open, kwim?
We have one for a similar reason (queen size air mattress).... We kept dd in the top part until she was crawling and then just took the top part off and she still sleeps in the bottom part. That happened way before 30 lbs, but she is petite. She *loves* her bed. I'm trying to get her into her "big girl bed" now (she's 2) but she still loves the cosleeper.
I think I *completely* missed the last thread...I posted originally, but haven't seen a thread in a while. I'm 27 weeks or so now and feeling good. I have a LOT of fluid per my last ultrasound and am having some discomfort, but other than that all is well.... I delivered my dd at 29 weeks though, so I'm in a "nervous" phase....hoping I can hang on longer this time!
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