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You can get it from NZ pretty cheaply with no prescription. That's where I get mine.... Contact info is at www.bfar.org
I am trying to find a baby soap/ shampoo and conditioner that I love. I have tried several. So far I think I like California Baby stuff the best. I want no SLS and as natural as possible. I need the shampoo and conditioner to be really good, as dd has some dry/damaged hair issues. I like it to smell really yummy I noticed CB's conditioner has Methylparaben and Propylparaben...anyone know what that is? Any other reccomendations?
I right there with you and I *know* I'm well hydrated. I just attribute it to a) extra hormones b) vitamins and c) my blood hound sensitive nose!
We don't vax and go yearly. I want records that I have medical care and am not neglectful. But Riley is healthy and thriving and I don't want to expose her to germs in the office and myself to the annoying staff...lol
I'm not a big fan of Tylenol OR motrin, but honestly, for those really bad nights, Motrin worked alot better with our dd.
I want to "nest" so badly and it's driving me crazy because I have a high risk pregnancy and SO much is off limits (no lifting, pushing, vaccuming, etc....) My house is not even as clean as *normal* and I'm going nuts!
We never scheduled Riley for a bedtime exactly, but just sort of followed her natural routine. It sort of started happening for us around the time she started sleeping through the night (around 14-16 months) She naturally was ready to go to sleep when it started getting dark. We generally put her to bed between 8-9 depending on how late her nap fell during the day and how tired she seems. We stick pretty close to 8:30....starting her routine (teeth, pjs, rocking,...
I'm just feeling so stressed! (partly because I'm very pg, I'm sure) But here's my dilemma: Dh and I decided when we had Riley that we DEFINITELY did not want any of our relatives to care for her if anything happened to us. Both of our families are very dysfunctional and we would not want Riley in their care even for a day! (They are not allowed to even visit with her unsupervised) So, we started thinking about all of our close friends. We have lots of friends...
Can you post some of the lyrics or something?
DH is!! I told him I have DONE my fair share We only want 2, have rough pregnancies, I'm 35, etc.... He's gonna get "tutored"! LOL Almost all my friends who are "done" with kids have had the man snipped. I am having a c section, but am uncomfortable with the "tube tying" procedure. Plus I want to be off the table asap to get to my baby...
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