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We were pretty much raised with no sugar in the house, but it was no big deal elsewhere. (We didn't have dairy or sugar in the house because they triggered asthma attacks for my sister). I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I think having it not easily available and not the "norm" but not forbidden either is the route we're going to take....
I like them all
Quote: Originally posted by gossamer Thank you so much you wonderful, beautiful, peaceful mamas. I already had scheduled a level II Ultrasound for tomorrow morning, so my husband and I will be going to the hospital in the morning for some genetic counseling. I asked my doctor about the test before he took my blood and he said it had a false positive result of only 1% and even lower false negative results. I asked him wouldn't the Ultrasound show any...
Quote: Originally posted by gossamer I need some help mamas, I had the triple screen done on friday at my 20th week. The doctor called today and said that there is an increased risk for spinal defects. My question is how accurate is this, do I need to worry? Please send me some good healthy vibes. Gossamer grrr, I hate that test! It is so not accurate or helpful in most cases (imo) My ob explained to me that it really does NOT test what is...
Describe the outfit your baby wore home from the hospital (if you were in one!) My first dd was a preemie and didn't come home for 3 months and I was so overwhelmed I didn't do anything special for her homecoming I want my next dd to come home in something pretty, but comfy. It'll have to be warm (due in Dec).... I'm not good at stuff like that....
Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm doing a pretty good job staying calm these days--I was a bit overwhelmed at first... I am looking forward to my next ultrasound (never thought I'd be saying that!) just for more reassurance, but I'm just trying to cruise through the days and chill
Ahhhh, the infamous "never-slept-nursery"! LOL.... I did pale yellow walls, a moon and star print for the curtains and bedding with those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Also, Target had some really cute star and moon stuff that I got (shelves, a lamp, stuff like that) Maybe one day someone will sleep there! We're dismantling the $500 never-slept-in ONE TIME crib now :rollingeyes
I took a large water bottle with ridged sides and put some rice in it. She shakes it and also runs a stick down the sides for the sounds..... We play "trumpets" with paper towel or tp roll centers.
I'm not a big "reporter", but I really would in this situation. Poor little girl Here's contact info for TX: CPS
We live near Houston, very HOT and HUMID. Plus, I'm pg So, we usually qualify as meatlocker :LOL During the day, I set it at 73 or 74, turning it down to 70 at nap time and 70 at night. Put it on 76 when we leave the house.
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