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Whaaaaat? I have no idea what I'd even say to that!
That's awesome!!
www.lullabydiapers.com her AIO's, fitteds AND night diapers ROCK my socks!
It depends on a few things: 1. what are you using them for? Light period? Bladder dribbles? Everyday freshness? 2. How many absorbent layers do you plan to use? 3. How often do you plan to change? If you think that you will leak through to your undies if there IS no layer then 1. add more absorbency or add a barrier. Hope that helps
www.bum-ware.com has THE easiest diapers to use. Her "extreme" AIO's are JUST like a disposable. They have stay-dry suedecloth inside and are extremely trim. They are the only AIO DD lets me put on her without saying "oww" because they have no bulk in the crotch. Izzy is a doll to work with and they have a wide size range. I'd go for those for sure if your daycare agrees to cloth.
There are some less inexpensive option for fitted type diapers. Such are www.babybunz.com for the snugglebottoms or prefitteds (prefolds converted to a semi fitted diaper w/ elastic that is less bulky and easier to use than a prefold but doesn't require $10-$20 that a regular fitted does. PM me if you need more info) Or contoured diapers. That said, prefolds DO have a learning curve. I don't that that I would have attempted trying to learn to use them right after...
Well, NBs go through SOOOOO many diapers that prefolds are the cheapest route. Plus they usually outgrow things quickly as well, so again, prefolds are cheap and can be used for other things after baby outgrows them.
I was going to suggest the Gypsy mama stretch as well
I can not even fathom what you are going through. Sending love, light and prayers.
I'm so sorry for your loss, and your in-laws. I can't imagine
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