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We use Burt's Bees for diaper rash - not every change, just when there's a rash.  And I use a tiny bit of Dr. Bronners in the wipes warmer with just water for wipes.  Every now and then, I also add a drop of tea tree essential oil.   For baths, we pretty much use just water.  Babies don't get too stinky.  If more is needed, I add a bit of Dr. Bronners from our foaming dispenser. We don't use lotion daily or anything - only when my kids are really, really dry and then...
I'm low maintenance and use a large purse as both unless we'll be at the park or zoo all day/afternoon and then use a backpack. I pack in my purse two diapers, small wetbag full of cloth wipes, wetbag for dirty diapers and a burp cloth and a thin blanket for changes. I also keep a couple extra diapers, wipes, an outfit and wrap in the car.
Love the car seat blanket!  And can't wait to see a picture of the blanket.  I wish I could crochet. Here's my wetbag and two pouches for the girls:     Just cut out the fabric for the nursing pads.  Without a serger, I'm not sure how they're going to turn out...
Someone stop the presses, I actually got out my knitting last night!  I was able to stitch up the gusset and start one of the legs on the newborn pair of longies I started MONTHS ago.  Now I'm just hoping I don't run out of yarn because it's my own handspun and I don't have any more of that colorway of fiber...   I also sewed up a wetbag this morning.  I just tackled zippers for the first time yesterday and am now making the girls little zippered pouches to put in...
Apparently we're going to be eating a lot of stuffed shells...  I froze two more batches this week...  This week I have chicken phyllo potpie to put up and maybe sloppy joe filling.  I also want to do some breakfast burritos and I might try freezing a batch of pancake squares to see how those freeze.
We bought a crib for our first and never used it, so we never even set it up for our second.  In fact, I think dh burned it LOL.  We used a small baby bed/bassinet for naps during the day or the mini co-sleeper set up free standing in the living room.  It was too much of a PITA to get dd in and out of it in the middle of the night, so we quickly switched to just cosleeping in our bed.
Super cute soakers!  I should start knitting some wool soakers since apparently I'm never going to get any longies knit :/
mum4vr, I always have to sew a lot slower when sewing knits or I get skips, too. 
My belly has been lower the past two weeks and I'm 34 weeks.  I don't yet have that bowling ball between my knees feeling, but the waddling has started and it's definitely more difficult to get around. As far as the cramping, I would make sure you're getting enough rest (not exercising too much) and drinking enough water.  If they continue, or become regular, then call your OB/midwife.
chia pudding works wonders when I'm constipated.     I swear I always smell like pee.  I don't know what the issue is because I'm constantly going to the bathroom to pee! 
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