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Anyone else gathering ideas on what to put in their hospital bag yet?  I'm setting aside a few things as I find them... I'll update this list as I think of them.   for labor: extra set of headphones ultima replenisher packs to add to water phone charger camera charger
I just edited ours (from our last birth).  I'm a vbac, so I also put in an "in case of c-section" section: Overview: We desire a labor and delivery that is as free from medication and other medical interventions as possible.  Our goal is to have a successful un-medicated, natural, VBAC delivery of our child.  Please discuss any suggested interventions or procedures with us and obtain our verbal consent before initiating any such interventions or...
I would love the link to your pinterest boards Mama Ana!  I have a freezer meals one here:  http://pinterest.com/plath/freezer-meals-for-lazy-days/   I froze a package of freezer corn, a package of garden green beans and two dinners worth of stuffed shells today!  :)   I also cooked up 2 lbs of pinto beans in chicken stock over the weekend and froze those.  Just black beans left to do and my cooked beans "stash" will be complete :)  I'm hoping to get out for more...
I used procion dyes from dharma!    The ring sling is pretty :)  I never could get comfy in a ring sling.  I have terribly narrow shoulders.
33 weeks.  Blurry photo by my oldest dd :)
I finally got around to dyeing and sewing the OBV blanket and sewing and dyeing the osnaburg wrap:  
Eh.  I can take it or leave it.    The person below me loves to garden.
Coffee uninterrupted!     My all time fantasy meal right now would be:
I have way more sex while pregnant than not.  A good thing, too, because my drive is WAY down the first year of nursing...  still making it work, here ;)
No, hard boiled eggs are another good one!  Let me think on it a bit.  I try to do low grain and sugar in my pregnancies, too...  I do like those little peanut butter tubs with apple slices...
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