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So sorry mamamash :(   Last week, all I managed to freeze was 2 lbs of dry chickpeas beans cooked in stock.   This week, I've frozen: 3 containers raspberries 2 lbs of kidney beans cooked in stock lunch portion of my favorite chicken, rice and zucchini dish that no one else will eat   and have stuffed shells and spinach pie on the menu to be doubled and frozen later this week.
cheese sticks and jerky? 
I totally think I'm buying non alchoholic wine on my next grocery run.
Guess whose baby got the hiccups last night when I was trying to fall asleep?  LOL!
This is the least craftiest pregnancy ever that I've been avoiding this thread.  I haven't made ANYTHING since I last posted until sort of today :(  I think the heat is sucking out all my motivation.  I did finally cut and start hemming the osnaburg wrap I'm going to dye.  6 yards left to hem... I already did the sides and one long 6 yard side.  I'm hoping to dye it tomorrow if I can find a large enough plastic tub.
It feels like a really rhythmic kick over and over.  Both of my first pregnancies had them every single day, so it's so weird not to experience them this time.  I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.  It can actually be a sign of thumb sucking, which can lead to a nuchal hand.
Technically it's not legal in Michigan either unless you own the cow.  We belong to a milkshare co-op where we "buy" a share of the cow and I pick up milk weekly :)
All we drink is raw milk, so plenty of that. caffeine (2 cups a day) lunchmeat runny eggs soft cheese (although rarely unpasteurized)   I'm trying not to recline or lay on my back too much, mostly because I don't want (another) posterior baby!  And I worry about breech.
Anyone's baby not get hiccups?  It's so weird because both of my previous babies got TONS of hiccups.  At least daily and I've never felt hiccups with this one...  lots of movement and pushing/kicks, but no hiccups!
I drink while nursing... from kellymom: "In general, if you are sober enough to drive, you are sober enough to breastfeed. Less than 2% of the alcohol consumed by the mother reaches her blood and milk. Alcohol peaks in mom’s blood and milk approximately 1/2-1 hour after drinking (but there is considerable variation from person to person, depending upon how much food was eaten in the same time period, mom’s body weight and percentage of body fat, etc.). Alcohol does not...
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