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Got mine yesterday, too!  Thanks everyone :)
Sorry for sounding whiney... it"s been a hot hormonal day lol.
Mine shouldn't have been extra... I weighed and printed off a label for more than what it cost to mail mine.  I ship through paypal all the time and never have postage due. 
That's awesome Alicia! I would love to try those, but we have so many diapers I can't justify buying more. I was going to get some new alvas in another co-op buy, but decided to just get a couple wetbags.
I use Alva diapers on my 2nd child.  I got them super cheap from a co-op (less than $4 a diaper with insert!).  We've been happy with them :)
Ugh all around on the comments but yay for the few good ones in there!   Jamie, I had an employee lecture me at Jimmy John's about the peanut oil in their potato chips
Yes when I say searches, I only mean if someone does a search for the group, the group name will come up. Not posts or members. It's actually MUCH more private than this forum, which anyone can join and access and search.
With a closed group, no one can see anyone's posts on newsfeeds unless they are also a member. I think the only difference with a "secret" group is the group won't show up if someone searches like it will for closed. No one has access unless they request it and are approved.
More freezer meals -- lunches, cookie batter, dinners doubled, breakfast burritos Baby clothes, bed and bedding out of storage wash newborn diapers and bedding sew and dye osnaburg wrap cut, sew and dye 3 more swaddle blankets deep clean house new carseat for our oldest so everyone can "bump up" going home outfit? finish sewing t-shirts dye obv and sew blanket pack hospital bag - buy snacks and coconut water take mama cloth inventory - need to sew...
We decline everything. If there is birth trauma or something else that goes wrong, then we consider vitamin k. Our second ended up getting vitamin k (with our consent) because she had to have an iv with antibiotics because of some issues after birth.
New Posts  All Forums: