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Oh! How do you know Celia? I went to school with her
I can't get your name to show up in a search Jamie.  I'm Lisa Tudor Youd if you can find me and friend me...
I would be in!
Choosing names is sooo hard!  I think we're settled on Josephine for a girl.  I like Josephine Kate or Josephine Iva in honor of my grandmother Iva Katherine, but we haven't officially nailed down a middle name.  I may leave it up to dh since I picked Josephine. For a boy, we're more undecided.  Maybe Hudson or Hawthorne?  No idea on middle names though...   Both my girls have three syllable first names and one syllable middle names and I really like that concept.
Anyone else getting obnoxious (or nice!) comments from others about their appearance?  If ONE MORE random person in public tells me I'm huge/big/having a big baby and gives me an incredulous look about when I'm due, I will seriously lose it.  MIL even had the nerve to tell me that man that baby is BIG earlier today.  I gave her a dirty look and asked her not to say that.  Clueless.  Ugh.   On the other hand, someone I don't know did tell me I was beautiful pregnant a...
This is definitely one of the reasons I wish dh and I were comfortable with a home birth.  But after a c-section with my first, preceeded by a very long labor and a very long labor with my second, we're not confident in a home birth.  So, yes, my parents and dh's mother will be informed solely so they can watch the children :/  I wish we could just surprise everyone and announce the birth!
One second I am crankier than I don't know what and the next I'm practically sobbing because I love being pregnant so much.  I'm a mess.  I'm almost always so cranky though.
79 days to go!  Oh my goodness.  And my last baby was 8 days early...
    Me too!  It's one of the reasons I'm not around here and posting as often as I'd love to be.  I just can't keep up on those long threads and feel guilty for not commenting on everyone's posts :( 
Mine are going out tomorrow!
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