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Someone PLEASE help me decide if I should get all these friggin vaxes they want me to get in nursing school! Its rediculus! I dont vax my children. (Havent since my oldest was 9 mos -she reacted) SO Im being told since inm at SUCH a high risk, that I should AT LEAST get the Hepatitis vax. ANY Info would help me to decide what to do in this situation. THANKS!
MY children were 5, 3 & 4 mo old when they got CP 2 years ago. It was short lived (but they got it good/bad enough!) and I dont regret PURPOSELY exposing them for a minute! Go for it, mama!! GET IT OVER WITH!
Indian prefolds are super soft, absorbant & TRIM!
use 1 hot water wash with a spoonful of dishwashing liquid (Dawn is great). Then I repeat the hot water washes until there are no suds left. And add vinegar & TTO or Lav. EO into the final rinse as well (a downey ball is great for this last step!)
Quote: Originally Posted by alysmommy2004 I have some hemp fitteds and even over night they don't get dry from hanging. I take everything in the morning and dump it in the dryer for about 10 minutes. This finishes drying the hemp and fluffs everything. Ditto! Thats what I do to avoid the Stiffies!
I LOVE the airflow covers! BUT they are the snap ones... Sory Im not much help!
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ Thank you Really, there's nothing I can do, just vent about it. And I do feel better having pounded the keys to get it out. s: Mama!! Im sorry you are stressed & that your dad seems to not care about his health. You are a WONDERFULLY LOVING DAUGHTER!
AWESOME that she did so well!! Prayers work!
Quote: Originally Posted by MomToKandE I let my cats lick dishes sometimes. I don't let them do it on the table just because they're not supposed to be up there but I'll put a dish on the floor for them. So, I vote not gross. ditto
go to bed
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