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NO NO & NO!! Their 'starter' is not 'TRUE Grains'. Actual real Kefir Grains will grow, reproduce, & will never go away, stop working, or die. (if you take care of it) You need REAL Kefir Grains. Just my .02
why yes. its like this : & ENJOY!!
yhe other side of the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8cGg...elated&search=
: SWOON!! : OMG Ella & the Longies... they are BOTH GORGOUS!!!
wanted to share: The ''Dirty Dozen'' Fruits and Vegetables Containing the Most Pesticides
Oh would ya look at that.... Damn Google adds think we need to buy the seeds they are advertising. (says rarePalmSeeds.com) Its Damn CREEPY that it uses what we write to search for adds that are about what we are discussing! :
Well, POST EM would ya!??
Buy Organic foods
New Posts  All Forums: