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if its kefir, yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brazilianmommy Pretty picture Danae!! Gorgeous mammas!! I'm in my siggy well you are all beautiful, but I must say OH MY mamma!! You and dh are BOTH Hotties!! You look like Celebs..... I cann say I knew you when...
Eli's_mommy- oh how CUTE are you & your lil punkin!! amanda- you clean up real nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ It really varies. I'm still nursing, so there have been days when I have gone through three bras and then had to wash them all. As long as I'm not having leakage problems, I can wear them a few times before washing. I don't like to wash them after every single wear, because the wash just destroys them after time. It makes me sad when my favorite bras lose their shape in the wash. I lost all of my nuring bras after...
oooohhhh!!! Such AWESOME stuff!! (& I see 2 of the WAHMs are 'friends' of mine too!) But allas, all the things we like & could use are already SOLD OUT!!
The knowledge is out there..... Read, read, read!! Again, Welcome!
OK OK OK I tried the whole wash the bra in the shower thing... I have to say it worked very well. But DH wanted to know what I was doing in there with my new bra.... He asked me if it was a bra or a bikini top!
To MDC!! There is a wonderfull forum here dedicated to vaccinations (or the lack thereof) here & I know you'll find the andwer here! I hope you ENJOY it here as much as I do!
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