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Heres another Q: WHAT size should a NON PG uterus be???? :
Night mama!
OHH!!!! and FYI: I love you too!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Christy1980 i beleive in spreading the love around. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Christy1980 OH NO!! I didnt mean to offend anyone! I just disagree w/ alot of what he's been saying lately, particularly this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Rob...and_liberalism Ahhhh nothing in particular... I LOVE LOST though... But since you mentioned this: from what I understand, from The quote you linked to Robertson -the one about feminism- (though Im not toooo fond of him personally) I believe...
mama2toomany has a freezer full............ We can see if she can send it if we cover shipping!
Quote: Originally Posted by DanAbimytwomiracle I'm glad you know now, and I hope you have a very smooth, healthy pg! ditto
CUMMON LADIES THAT ARENT CLOSE ENOUGH TO HELP, BUT WANT TO: Lets all pitch in to pay to ship it out asap!!!!!
Kathryn, I for one, would be more than willing to send a donation to help pay for shirelle in FW to send you her milk
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