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Yes HM she rocks!!
im in California, not TX but Anything I can do to help, I will Kat & family
I just rinse it off and start again. And if you have about a teaspoon of grains (so like the size of a Lg Grape) Id do about 2 C milk in the cupboard for about 24-48 hours.......... Theres my oppinion, but you know what they say........
ETA: I agree too much emphasis on the # isn't helpfull. They aren't a good guage of Multiples in-and-of-itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by OTMomma OK, what were the numbers for "super high"? At 16 dpo mine were 1245 and 3 days later 3690. I think at like 6 weeks past LMK mine were something like in the 100,000 range...
Mine were SUPER High & I had a twin PG and one 'reabsorbed'
Good thinking mama!
Im giving my lil cuosin a sling for her babyshower gift & want to print something out to give her with it... kinda thinking a lil babywearing 101 thing or the bennifits of wearing your baby in a sling.. maybe a page with tips/pics/ ect....??? Anyone have any links? Ideas? one for breastfeeding as well!!
SHAME SHAME SHAME on you for not watching LOST!!! : It SOOOO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!
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