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So Nora, glad you liked my
Eeekk Gads!! NO SPLENDA!!! = ie. Cancer carcinogens!!! sugar (raw/unrefined) is MUCH better, also there is a natural herb dirived sweetner called Steevia that is 10x sweeter than sugar and is GOOD for you. there are even probiotics in it I believe.
I have a big mouth and voice my opinion regularly.... I'll usually say something wiether I intended to or not.... :nana: & people can take it or leave it.
ok so I *JUST* ventured over here for the first time ever..... ds was born on march 5th was 8.7lbs. & 20" he is now about 16.5 lbs & getting so big! He has had his 2 bottom teeth for a month now. : He has been rolling ALL OVER THE FLOOR for a month or so. And he is sitting up unassisted for about a minute at a time. before leaning over & doing a 'face splat' :LOL He is really into his toys and is already doing the pincher grasp to pick up tiny objects!! Guess...
Quote: I knew I'd get down-to-earth, common-sense responses here. Love MDC! yeah we are pretty cool huh? :
I loved reading through this thread! Stirringleaf, Marsupialmom & mominBoonies- You mammas ROCK! I totally LOVE your POVs
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