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19/52- made myself the easiest a line skirt ever.  It is seriously 2 pieces with an elastic waist- but if doesn't look like that on.   20/52- made myself another because I love it.   Ok.  So I have no time anymore.  Baby 6 has taken away all my crafting time.  In previous years I have buzzed through the 52 projects.  Well that isn't happening now.  So that in mind.....  Am I crazy to consider making a quilt for my Sister and BIL's wedding gift?  Their wedding is June...
17/52- I made myself a matching sewing machine cover. 18/52- made 3 oil zippered pouches to give away.   I had high hopes for today- they just didn't materialize.  But a really great phonics lesson did- my almost 7 yo is rocking his short vowels this week and my baby is nursing like a crazy hungry baby :)
16/52 Made myself a cute cross body grey and white chevron bag.  It is perfect but I need to make a cool flower embellishment.  I also made several little zippered pouches- one for my oils to keep in  my purse and several others because they are so fun to make and use.
Angelorum! I love those- post the pattern please!!!  They look like sport or worsted- which is the only possible way I will do socks in the future :)   Springshowers- how awesome on the serger! I love mine I just don't use it as often as I should.   15/52- made my sister a cute yellow chevron purse and zippered pouch for her birthday.  I actually bought the fabric for it too rather than using up stash.  It was worth it because it is LOVELY!   Today I am working on a...
14/52- made myself a cute serger cover.  
Angleorum- Is that the central park hoodie?  I knit two of them and hate how my button holes are.  I knit them in the button band and they stretch out weird and I just hate hate hate them.  My favorite sweaters other than that.  Especially the angora one :)  If I ever knit a cardigan again- I will try that method instead- the results are fantastic!     Smokering- Love the quilt!  I should try pebble quilting :)   I could really really use some more breastfeeding...
13/52  finished the boxes and filled 3 of them with dvds to keep them away from my overly destructive children.  I am sooooo sick of finding them all over the house.    I filled the other box with random school stuff.  I will post a pic once I organize my cabinet that they are on.  I think I need a 5th bin as well.     working on covers for my machines now.  I am on a roll but so are you Angelorum!  I love the bold longies :)
I am hoping that this weekend I can get a lot of crafting done. I need to finish up some things that are just sitting there mocking me.  I have a patio scrap skirt that needs to be lengthened since I cut it down from maternity to regular pencil.  A white tunic that I want to embellish before I sew (although I think I just lost the top part... so I need to find that).  A doll shirt for my DD1 that is cut out and needs to be sewn.  A coverstitch machine cover for my moms...
9/52 I made a cute little baby dress and one for my oldest daughters doll Molly.  
8/52  I replaced the zippers in two hoodies for my kids ($6 in freaking zippers- geez) and I patched the stupid crotches in 3 pairs of jeans.  Not pretty but no more man parts showing.  Can you tell I am in a foul mood?  Very very very rough day and this mama is sick, tired and highly irritable.  
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