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We had our baby on the 17th! I am soooo exhausted but it was a pretty great birth. Suzanna Scarlett. born at 11:13, 9#10oz (can we say holy smokes? She is huge and I am so sore- but no tear) and 21 3/4" long.  I will write a birth story when I am no so tired.   Congratulations on all the recent babies!
Yay Lily!  So good that it is over :)
hmmm. I think you are missing a pattern lol.  What size yarn and gauge are you using?  I think if you are doing a 12 mo sweater with that many stitches you are going to need to be near fingerling and probably a size 1 or 2...  Which sounds rather tedious to me since aran sweaters should be warm and cushy and lovely and fingerling is going to loose a lot of that loveliness I think.  How about rather than completely winging it and then storing it for 15 more years doing...
Poly!  What a beautiful baby!  She is lovely and so is your knitting!     CWill- Yay!  Can't wait for the story and pics!  
Good grief.  It is 4:30 in the morning. Yesterday evening (Wed) I decided to take the kids to Awanas.  DH helped me load everybody up in the van and I grabbed some milk and egg cartons and went trucking out there feeling pretty good.  I hit the only patch of ice in about 3 counties.  I did not fall but I think I wouldn't hurt so bad if I had just fallen.  One leg went forward and one back and I couldn't breathe for about 5 min.  And now?  Holy crap do I hurt.  My back rib...
Good list!  I am expanding our garden as well this year and that will be a lot of projects right there :)
Oh Neaera- I completely hear you!  I get the...  "well be thankful the baby is still inside- much easier to take care of that way".  Uhhhh no.  actually not- because then I could actually walk and bend and not cry from rib pain.  Or the " the lack of sleep is natures way of preparing you for being up all night nursing a baby"  You really freaking think I haven't been through this before  WTF?   I know exactly what it is like being up all night with a baby...  It is much...
Isis- I am so sorry for all the stress you are going through right now.  When the time is right it will all work out and it won't be so hard.
Thanks Ladies!  I love it.     Katelove- that blog makes me wish I could crochet.  However somethings in life are just not meant to be lol.  
Yes!  Tomorrow night is a full moon!  My DH is sure I will have our baby by Thursday due to the full moon- me?  I was kind of hoping for yesterday but my midwife has been at another birth- so I suppose today is a better choice?  I just really really need the baby out.  2 naps a day and the children running amuck is just not that great...  Yesterday our pressure tank for our well finally gave out- so DH had to fix that and with all the interruptions it took about 4 hours to...
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