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This will probably sound like what many other homeschooling parents go through, but this is incredibly hard for me to write because I'm a very private person who doesn't like to admit failure. Right now, I'm struggling with whether HSing is truly a good fit for my family. I had been researching HSing since my oldest daughter was a baby and was so convinced that this was *it* for us. We even had a disastrous preschool/daycare experience that further bolstered my...
I don't post here often, but I couldn't read and not give some support. I'm going through a similar thing at the moment, and I don't even have illness going on! I've contemplated sending my older two to school more times than I can count in the last 2 weeks, but thankfully my husband always talks me out of it by reminding me why we are doing this in the first place. Best wishes to you in your HS journey.
We are scheduled to meet our town's mayor one-on-one next week and I'm looking for some ideas how to make our visit a little more fun. Unfortunately, I'm not deeply entrenched in local politics, so we have only covered very basic ideas of what a mayor is and does -- our visit is really just to make it more "real" to my daughters (they are 5 and 4, btw). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
So if you want to find other unschoolers in your area and in your area only, why not just put your fliers up in your area and find the folks you want? What's the point of the poll? And isn't your neighborhood the one with the loud Mexicans who's kids suffer from too much machismo to play with your daughter? Diversity is great!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nikki Christina sad that its necessary though Well, I don't think it's "necessary" at all. Unless you mean necessary in order to keep the racists happy. What a fugged up world we live in.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama And there may very well be people in my area who don't believe in coercion or punishment -- but I just haven't had opportunity to get to know them yet. Well, go ahead and put up your fliers and find your people then!
I didn't think a third party (the OP who was asked if she cared if the MD was Black) could sue for discrimination. How does one record a conversation like that in the first place, especially since these kind of things come out of nowhere? I've been accused of looking for racism but I wouldn't go out of my way to find it or set someone up in order to sue.
Quote: Originally Posted by jillkuster I'd record it and then sue them. Sue them for what? While racism is wrong, it isn't a crime. Shoot, if one could sue for racism, there would be a whole lot of rich folks in my family. Boodafli, I give you a lot of credit for living in the South. A whole lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama I enjoy diversity -- I just don't enjoy being the only person I talk to in real life, who is striving to parent without punishment or coercion. How do you know that every single family around you isn't trying to parent in a similar fashion? Are you assuming that everyone in the inner city is whoopin' their kids' asses on the regular?
You're not supposed to be looking at this thread, HP. As you know, I'm trying to do that...invite people over and just suck it up, kwim?
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