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I hope to VBAC, definitely. This is my third child, and my first was delivered vagainally, but my second was a (unnecessary, IMO) CS. I think it's a bit odd for the MD/OB to "insist" that an epidural be in place, and I agree that it seems to be a set-up for a CS. I'd fight that if I were you. Good luck!
I couldn't read without responding because I'm in a similar boat as you. I don't get sick nearly as much as I did, say, about a month ago, but I will randomly get nauseous everyday, and throw up about twice a week, still. I'm due 12/26, fwiw. It stinks, and I hope it ends soon because it really has become draining. I hope yours ends soon, too!
Thank you to everyone who responded! I did get through my concert, but with some difficulty. I ended up trying a mix of most of the advice here -- I stopped and got Sea Bands on the way to the concert, I sipped ginger ale beforehand and I sucked on Altoids in between. I did try to eat a peanut butter sandwich about 2 hours before the concert, but that did not go over too well and I couldn't even finish the sandwich. I still felt nauseous during 2 of the pieces that...
I haven't been posting much in this DDC since I've been feeling generally blah and have been busy with school, so first I apologize for that. Second, I really, really need some tried and true remedies for nausea ASAP. I have a concert this afternoon that I have to play in, and I'm afraid I won't make it through the pieces. Backing out is not an option, as this is for my grade and I play first flute on 2 of the pieces. At my rehearsal on Friday, I had to stop during a...
Yes, this will be our last child. DH and I are both satisfied with the notion of 3 children (a rarety in our neck of the woods since 2 seems to be the "norm").
Well, I broke down and made an appointment today, but it's not for another 2 weeks, and it's only for a consultation, not a real "appointment". I'm SO impatient that I have to wait so long, but I'll get over it. Hopefully.
I'm struggling with this myself this time around because I know that both of our families will not be happy or supportive, at least initially. To make matters worse, my MIL and I are going through some issues right now, and she is our babysitter, so I'm sure she will feel she needs to put her opinion in the mix. Our reasons for being a bit hesitant to tell the family is pretty much the same as everyone else's -- we're not in the best financial position, I'm in the...
Sending good thoughts your way...
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