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I've gotten all the same stupid comments that you guys have had, but two other things stick out in my head.... I had to make a very brief trip into a beauty supply store where a lady came over to see DD. She came over and said in one breath, "What a beautiful baby! Can I hold her?" with her arms stretched out! When I told the lady no, she looked shocked. Did it ever occur to her that SHE'S A STRANGER TO ME???? : The second thing was when I started reading "Your...
I don't speak a word of Spanish, but I just like saying Hola! Anyway, I'm a bit late to introducing myself, but I'm Tia, mama to Alicia, who will be 6 months old next week! I'm also a devoted wife to my fabulous patient and kind DH, Bill. We live on the border of Northern & Central NJ with two cats and assorted fish. I do a bunch of AP things, but I'm not big on the labels, though.... I BF, CD, CS and wear my daughter here and there. I'm also a SAHM because...
Christian, but Byzantine Catholic specifically.
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