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I like the one that says "I homeschool because I've seen the village and I don't want them educating my children" but I hesitate, because I don't want to insult anyone or cause friction with neighbors.
Saint Lisa's Catholic School.
I say "DO IT!!!!"
It is a packaged curriculum. It's from Seton Home study school. It comes with the lesson plans. Because I'm new to homeschooling and still a little unsure of myself, I planned to follow it exactly and just take it from there. Seton has told me that I am certainly free to adjust the curriculum to my child and that the lesson plans are just a suggestion, but I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone at first. We'll see as we go. This is all just so new. The lessons...
My daughter went to VBS too and loved it. She also attended kindergarten last year and loved that too. She loves school, but likes homeschooling better! Given the choice, she'll take hanging our with her mommy any day! That's the ultimate compliment.
Ballet class! My daughter's love it and there's a room full of girls just their age!
My husband said the exact same things..I could have written the script and it was horrible and two years later, my husband still has issues, but we are ok. He still doesn't agree with me on the issue and maybe he never will and the whole thing makes me sad, but I never regret protecting my son and doing the right thing. We didn't have the formal situation of having to "consent" or refuse the circ because we had a home birth so that helped alleviate any immediate...
I'll be homeschooling my child for 1st grade this year and I was reviewing the material and was surprised to see that she will be going over the alphabet, letter by letter, starting with A and so on......she certainly knows her alphabet. She can say them (the letters), spell them, write them, etc....has been able to for a few years now. I figured by first grade we would move on by now. Same with the math.....the problems seem too simple and is math that she already knows...
My son is 2 and I have never had any issues at all and there is nothing special at all that I do to care for his intact penis. He gets regular baths with mild soap and that's it. I don't even actaully wash his penis. It just gets washed naturally as he's playing in the tub. It is important to be aware of potential issues, just as with any baby, but it's rare any of them will ever come up. I would be more afraid to allow someone to perform surgery on my newborn with all...
There are a lot of great ideas here! Thanks!:
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