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I don't think I was required to provide medical info about my bio kids. My FC did end up needing a great deal of medical care but we were allowed much latitude in choosing the provider and treatment. It might be sufficient to simply state the name of the clinic or office that you would probably use.
Gosh, we used teaching text book grade 4 but I don't remember how much reading it required. My dd wasn't a strong reader at the time so it must have been ok. That being said, she pretty much bombed her standardized testing that year. She got good grades on TT assignments but the TT material just was not inline with our state's grade level expectations. It took us several years with a different program to do the remedial work needed to get her on grade level.
My dh and worked opposit shifts while homeschooling for about 5 yrs. we managed until our 3rd child was 3yo. At that point we finally conceded that our dd1 and dd2 were academically falling too far behind their peers and were unhappy about it and that dh and I were neglecting our own relationship. With just the two older girls we could have managed but ds was too much of a handful. Luckily DH was able to quit his job after we got both cars paid off.
Hugs; it's hard when you feel like your baby is needing something and you don't know what or why. Adoptive parenting adds a whole other level of uncertainty to the already complicated buisness of raising a child. Keep in mind the vast number of adopted children who are raised by loving parents have happy childhoods and grow up to be happy adults. We can't always protect them from every pain but we can't offer this protection to our bio children either.
Nope, my 8 yo isn't reading either! Sorry, no suggestions! She's absolutely capable, no learning issues, her spelling and writing skills seem to be at grade level. She just isn't motivated to put the time into reading practice and is habitually defiant and argumentative.
I gave up junk food, gave up white flour, I'm exercisizing in a class 3 times a week, no results! I can't exercise more w/o giving up sleep. Cutting more calories gives me headaches.
I'm going through this now too with my 3 yo DS3. My DDS are 11 and 8. What is working for us is for older dds to do most work independantly and to schedule instructional lessons when my dh is home. This approach rules out many curriculums that require a ton of direct instruction like right start math but has really helped the girls take ownership of their education.
I second the dream box math recommendation. Another math program to look at is math u see. The lessons are DVD based and if you watch them with your child the program requires very little parent instruction.
I imagine that there are lots of cases where it's not in a child's best interest to keep siblings together. Certainly it should be considered important but not the only deciding factor in a child's placement.
My love for my foster son (we eventaully were able to adopt him) hit me like a train about an hour after he was placed in our home. It was a crazy intense moment of recognition of him as MINE to nurture and protect. My relationship with him is different than with my older bio children because formula feeding allowed my DH to be his primary caregiver but my love for him is totally 100%.
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