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I'm Andrea, married to dh Chad. Our only son Bradley just turned 3 4/30/07 and I'm due end of January 08 with baby #2. We used the Shuttles also for a girl - we'll see what happens!
This is #2 for me and I'm not quite 6 weeks yet and I already look about the way I did when I was at 15 weeks with my first pregnancy. Clothes are starting to get TIGHT!
We already have a precious little boy and are really hoping for a little girl! But, another little boy would be pretty awesome too!
I'm so sorry!
I've heard of Bromine but not sure the safety factor in pools. I do know that there are many pregnancy swimming/exercising classes that are supposed to be really good for you so I'm assuming the chlorine is ok.
That is so funny, I'm at 5 weeks as well and my clothes are starting to get snug but I think once we started trying to get pregnant, I started to let go on my strict diet so I just thought I was getting fat! Luckly most of my pants are low rise but my shirts are getting really snug. I bought a shirt the other day (before I found out I was pregnant) and it didn't fit - it was too small! I returned it after I took my test and exchanged it for prenatal vitamins!
I was trying to find a DVD on Pregnancy Yoga, they were all out but I did find a Denise Austin "Fit and Firm Pregnancy" - it also has a Post Workout for after baby! My midwife said she heard it was really good and soothing. I haven't tried it yet - still trying to get past morning nausea!
I thought I was the only one - guess not! That is hilarious! My husband keeps making fun of me because I blame it on the dog - Poor Scooby!
That is awesome! When my son was roughly 28 months (last fall), he really got into the potty training and did really good for months, then, around March '07, he wanted nothing to do with the potty. It was really strange. Just this past week, he's getting back into the groove of potting in the potty! Sounds like you've got a great system, keep up the great work! Just wanted to share that sometimes they go in and out of phases and didn't want you to think it was...
We just found out that I was pregnant this weekend and we could not keep it in - we only told our families and they are thrilled! I'm really shocked that my OB is getting me in this Thursday for my first appt so hopefully everything will come out ok and I can tell my friends - it is SO hard to not call them and tell them the good news!
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