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I like MDC on FB. 
I'm on VLCD4 and feeling more healthy already.  The first few days on protocol my system freaks out due to detoxing but I'm hoping it'll ease up soon.  I can't take any detox baths right now as my husband is renovating our bathroom but I've done a few foot soaks to try to help things clear out.    Here's to all of us learning how to listen to our bodies and break the vicious weight loss cycle!
Yep, as I posted yesterday on one of the threads, I woke up and ran downstairs like a kid on Christmas morning.    Major bummer that this is just one more way that MDC has changed.  I keep coming back because I don't know where else to go for non-mainstream parenting support.   
I still see Parenting.
Love me some muddin.  We've even hit the local mudfest.    My friends would be shocked if they knew that about me. 
My daughter's big prank for the day is dressing all mismatched and "fooling people into thinking I have no fashion sense".  She's 7.  Don't know where that comes from as I am completely fashion challenged.   As for where the MDC pranks are, could they be limited to the Commune?  I can't go in there as I'm not a paying member but the cynical part of me was wondering......    I need to have more faith in MDC! 
I woke up this morning and ran downstairs to the computer like a child on Christmas morning.  April Fool's on MDC has become something to look forward to for me (it doesn't take much to get me excited).  But I can't find anything.  What am I missing?  Point me in the right directions ladies!
My thoughts are with you.  As the younger daughter who has ended up by default in the role of caretaker for our father, I really respect your choice to go to help your brother. 
I am so sorry about your father.  We have lived with my father's chronic fatal illness for years but so far his medications have kept him alive and reasonably able to function.   My oldest son flew about 600 miles when he was a very young 7 (a week or two after his birthday).  He had never stayed home alone or been dropped off anywhere or anything like that.  I think they are separate types of experiences as he was still watched over by an adult.   It was a...
Sorry for the misinformation - that's what the doctor called it.  Maybe he was just calling it that as it was something I could understand?  He also talked about it being staph related.  I believe bactroban is commonly used for staph infections.
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