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Wow - celebrity gossip?  Really?  I love to gossip as much as the next person but I really felt like Mothering promoted a supportive environment.  I don't feel like gossip is a part of a supportive environment.    This really has me feeling like Mothering is becoming a place that isn't in line with my values.
I went to go look through the User Agreement to see what it says about posting in a controversial way meant to stir up trouble or about "popularity" threads but I can't find it anywhere on this new platform.   It really feels like the contest goes against the spirit of Mothering.  At least the spirit of what it used to be.
I didn't really think about the troll posting aspect of it.  Yuck.
I really have no opinion about how the magazine ended.  I can see both sides, where the publisher was trying to do everything possible up until the last minute to save the magazine and the consumer who feels duped because they bought a subscription two weeks before it folded.  I doubt $50 makes much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.    However, I was really put off, disgusted even, by the fact that they are holding a "popularity" contest.  That feels...
I never even thought of not letting my children touch dead worms or insects.  They love investigating things.    I have talked to them about the diseases that dead birds, squirrels, sheep, cows, etc. carry and they don't touch those things, except for with a stick.
Not a stupid question at all.  My son isn't involved with drugs, alcohol or sex (YET) so we don't have much regarding those issues at this point, except for some general language about safety.  Plus we haven't sat down with a counselor since my ds was 12 so the issues were much different.  We originally did it because my DH and I don't always see eye to eye on discipline issues and it was a way for us to provide consistent expectations and consequences.    Ours is...
I have not been in your situation and do not know the background, however I would suggest all sitting down (you, your husband, your stepdaughter) with a family counselor to come up with a behavior contract.  Set out the expectations and rules for the household and then come up with what happens if those expectations or rules or what have you aren't met.  Make sure your stepdaughter has input into the whole process.  Obviously it will be something that will be revised...
The fact that a father could walk away from his 2 year old daughter knowing that she is being exposed to a pedophile who preys on young girls is absolutely mindboggling to me.  I would hope that any human being would fight even harder in those circumstances.   The child is not going to thank her father for abandoning her, physically and financially, just because he buys her a car.   And then to say she is forcing him to be responsible for a child when he didn't...
When we go on vacation, we pay our housesitter $20/day and that is a very high rate where I live.  That is for staying at our home, taking care of our three cats and one dog, including at least one 30 minute to an hour walk a day for our dog.  And our dog is high maintenance.   Granted, I live in the Pacific NW and some things are just cheaper here.
My older golden retriever is the same way.  He no longer eats the walls (we had to redrywall 4 walls in our old house) or shoes, but poo, vomit and dead things are all delicacies to him.  The most frustrating thing is he digs up our flower beds looking for cat poo.  He is quite the stinker.  But he is worth all of it.  Best dog ever! 
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