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State refund came through in less than a week! Fed took exactly two weeks. Good luck. It is so hard waiting.
My son, age 12 (not a baby but not quite an adult) is a very happy, well-adjusted young man. He excels in school, sports, social life, etc. He is empathetic, loyal to his friends, loving, and just an all around wonderful kid. I try really hard not to brag but he really is a great person I know we will go through some of the normal "teenage" stuff but he has a really good head on his shoulders. I feel lucky to have an Alexander!
Just got back from the hospital again. My poor DH is in serious pain and they helped him out quite a bit. Unfortunately, we are getting the runaround from all organizations. It is going to take hours on the phone to actually get someone who cares but I am going to perservere. ARGH.
Thank you for all of the suggestions and hugs. I had planned on contacting the police department tomorrow (no one would talk to me today as I have no report number and records is only open tomorrow) but finding out about complaints against the establishment is a great idea. I definitely plan on filing as many complaints as humanely possible with whatever agencies I can find! I am really, really unhappy about how they handled it. My husband could have been...
My husband and I set it up so that we could have a nice night on the town with another couple. We arranged a babysitter, drove up to their house (1 hour plus away), went to a nice dinner and then decided to go dancing afterwards. We never get out and thought it would be so much fun. We weren't familiar with the area as we aren't "clubbing" types but thought we would have a good time. While at the club, my DH went to the bathroom, was assaulted by three guys who stole...
We feed a family of five (one of whom is a 12 yo growing boy!) on a budget of between $250 and $300 a month. We stick strickly to the budget as long as I am cooking everything from scratch.
Another option is landsof______. I've been drooling over some of their listings. You just type in the name of the state you are wanting to look at, i.e., www.landsofmontana.com, and it gives you some info. It is very interesting at the very least!
All I can say is hugs. I'm so sorry. I've been down so far that it hurts to just keep my head above water and all I can do is tread water. And that is all I do during those periods of time. Tread water. But eventually it does tend to lift, at least for me, and I'm hoping someone will send out a liferaft to you soon. Right now I'm trying to regulate. Just got a diagnosis in the midst of a major maniac episode. Never had those before October but they've...
We used www.wiialert.com and got on off Amazon. It worked within a week of signing up and this was two weeks before Christmas. I actually had texts sent to my cell but I had to be right next to my computer to order to get my order in. Good luck. Ours has seen lots of use by DH and 12 yo son, especially as our Xbox 360 quit working (1 week after warranty was up .
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