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I have extremely difficult veins. I always bruise(had a huge hemotoma once),but know a few phlebotomists who can do it with minimal bruising. Suggestion: Do NOT bend your elbow. Keep it straight and apply pressure. Forget trying to get an IV in though, ughh
Age of your EC-child me: 15 months We started at... me: At 3 months (when I heard of it). Diaper-free since 6 months Generally speaking we are doing... me: Great. We have our misses, but dd is obviously aware of her elimination habits and is so happy when I respond to her signals. How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees? me: It is a mixtureof timing, signals and intuition. Mornings we...
With all respect, the issue is more than why the authors were not published, it is why a topic that so many people here are interested in is repeatedly passed over. I understand that articles etc are scheduled far in advance, but why is this topic not scheduled in after that. Or even better, bumped up due to the readerships' interest! Please, Please have Peggy look at the interest that these boards have generated. Please listen to the numerous people who attest to the...
hehe. Regarding Muttilili post, I know 3 people now who are trying EC after encountering it with my dd. Kudos to those who have the talent to write and a submitted articles to Mothering. With all the activity maybe someone will start to listen. YK, I have actually seen an article reviewing Laurie Brouke's, (I believe) on parentsplace.com.
I survived a good part of my pregnancy on Veggie Booty. When most things made me green, Veggie Booty was there. I loved it. The health food store would look for me every week, b/c I would be 5+ bags of it! A couple of times I went in and they were out of stock; they were SO apologetic. I have tried some recently and it is so different. They changed the ingredients and it really has lost its flavor.
Depends on your insurance coverage. H/e, it is possible that if your insurance will cover it, that you would have to pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed. Maybe the midwife would work something out with you if that is the case.
BTW, we have sporadic AP meetings if you are interested in meeting fellow AP mamas and papas. You can send me a message.
Mary Reilley of Mountain Valley Doula Services is a good place to start (845) 679-7076 or Diane Justusson (845) 255-0003. Mary attends home births and may be able to tell you what midwives she works with. I know several people who have had home births in this area (Ulster County) with no problems. The Neugarten birth center at Rhinebeck is also a good place if you go in with the right people. I had a good, no med, water birth there with a midwife.
I find it refreshing to watch how a child will approach a new toy, how they will play with it and how that may vary from what I expect. I never would interfere with play. If I think that they could benefit from understanding how a toy wrench works for eg, I would not stop play to demonstrate, I would find the time to play with them and while playing model its use. If they imitate...fine, if not...fine.
Amy mama... actually there is one in Ocala about 40 min from him, h/e his parents would not drive that far. They live in Gainesville and anything on the otherside of down is too long a drive. Unlike where I live, where the closest large grocery store is 35 minutes away. We drive 50 min to the drive-in.
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