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I think that we're all familiar with children. Children in general can have a difficult time articulating or understanding why they feel a certain way. I take that back. People can have a difficult time articulating and understanding their feelings. It really sounds from the OP that her daughter is feeling unnecessary guilt that does not come from her family of origin and that her transitional time is difficult. I get this sense because I live in the world and have had...
Are you an unschooler? Or are you just trolling the forum so you can catch those of us who actually struggle with these things in what you perceive to be hypocrisies?
She's only been out of school for a year-and-a-half! Did anyone read the OP? It's not like she unschooled her whole life and then decided that it wasn't for her. It sounds a lot like she's really accustomed to school mentality and having a hard time knowing what to do with herself. She's become acculturated. Surely there are ways to address the root of the problem that are more creative than giving up entirely and accepting that this kid can never find her own passions...
Yeah, I guess the embedding is sort of weird here. I'd never used it before. Let's see if this works...   This first one is the Do schools kill creativity? TEDTalk.       This is the follow-up to that one, which is about education revolution. Also a TEDTalk...         And yeah, I loved the bit about divergent thinking. I've been using that term now! And thanks about my photo!
Sorry about that! I meant the general "you," when I said that, not you personally.
Right. I think that if it becomes part of your active culture, then it can be more of an identity, but that's not most of our lived experiences. Most of us don't spend our time at conferences and with lots of other unschoolers. For some, that's their niche. For us, we haven't found our niche in the homeschooling community at all and we don't exclusively spend time with unschoolers at all.
Not sure if everyone's seen this already (it's kind of been around awhile), but here Sir Kenneth Robinson talks about Changing Educational Paradigms. There are also two TEDTalks of his work that I find fascinating (and funny!). It's nice to see educational researchers really leaning towards these ideas.
I don't understand why school is always accepted as the default solution for everything. Surely there are more creative solutions than acquiescing to the dominant paradigm!
I agree with everything Dar said. Maybe just a little help facilitating access to things of interest would help her a lot. I think it's probably a little overwhelming at 13 to try to know what to do with one's time when it was always previously dictated. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to immerse oneself in things or to even discover what interests might be worth immersing oneself in. I believe she could find experiences that help her achieve flow if presented with...
Well that's all age-appropriate, it sounds like. I think that it's a relationship and a give-and-take and you have to judge for yourself as you go about your day how much you're willing to do in any moment. It's not my opinion that children's needs can be deciphered from their desires or that independence really has to be fostered with much intention. I always parented rather intuitively. If something felt wrong, I knew it was wrong. I did and do a lot of apologizing as...
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