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DD was an emergency c-section at 38 weeks due to her being breech (footling switched at last minute to frank). We knew she was breech and the 'emergency' was that my water broke - I had delayed the scheduled c-section until after her due date.   DS was a successful VBAC - although I didn't get my homebirth or natural birth.  Labor started at 42+3 and after 24 hours of little progress at home we transferred and then at 40 hours I just did the whole thing and had my...
DS had his 2nd bday. I've cut back and even refuse him some now. My milk has pretty much disappeared. He's more crabby and clingy. Some days I can handle it and some I can't. But it is getting better - I think.  We're down to nursing to sleep, nursing to nap(he only naps half the time) and nursing in the morning.  I will also say 'all done' so that he's not just sucking for no reason.
I'm still sick (only 13 weeks). I was sick the whole time last pregnancy.  When I tried zofran last time it kept me from pucking but I has nausea all day long. My midwives asked what I was doing this time and it's the same as last - puking. It seems to be what helps the most. I gained weight last time and have put on 2 lbs so far so for me the morning sickness isn't about gaining weight.     Good luck
How's everyone doing?    Morning sickness and fatigue are kicking my butt today.  We told DD (almost 5yo) on Wednesday and she's pretty excited, we're telling our 13 yo (who doesn't live with us) tomorrow and taking some fun pictures to announce the pregnancy on Facebook.  I haven't gained any weight but am watching what I eat and trying to get some exercise.  
DD is doing mostly Sonlight - love that even on a 'bad' day we usually get read a louds done.  Maybe I should work on a book basket for August/September so that I'll have some good read a lounds available.  We are not very structured - DD is into Magic Tree House right now so we've taken a break from Sonlight and I'm riding the wave of  her interest.  I hope I'm feeling good this summer because I love doing stuff in the summer with the kids - we do lots of camping and...
I know..but he wants to do school with his sister.  So I won't be structuring anything just having things for him to do if he wants :-)
Wondering what school plans are for the fall.  Dd is 'ahead' and we school year around so i'm not too worried.  My thoughts right now are readingeggs.com and hopefully a good website for math.  DS will be 2.5 and will maybe need something - workbooks and maybe big sis will do starfall with him.
DH just got DS (23 months) to bed without nursing! My nipples are really sore today so we decided to give it a try.  Didn't seem to be that bad - of course he might make up for it later.
minnesoa is pretty relaxed for homeschool. do you or dh have a bachelors degree?  if one of you has a degree then you just have to report intent to homeschool to the district and what standardized testing you will use. if you dont have a degree your lesson plans have to be approved.     lots of good resources in mn. checkout mn homeschool alliance they offer free intro workshops  www.homeschoolers.org
No insurance so we had to pay $250 for the ultrasound so we can't really afford it again. Also my midwives are homebirth midwives and normally wouldn't have done a scan this early anyway.  Waiting to hear the full report from the radiologist.   On the bright side I my m/s has arrived - well evening sickness.....
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