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I'm usually not ready to talk about babies until the "baby" is 3 years old!!!   After 2, DH was ready to stop.  Now that we have number 3, his appt with the urologist is in two weeks.  He's pretty dead set against #4, and I agree it would be very very hard for us with 4 kids, so I think the vas is the right decision for us.  
Congratulations!! She's beautiful!!!
I don't find acupuncture painful at all.  I actually love it.  I find it very relaxing and pleasant.     I've been going to acupuncture for the past few weeks for toning, general well being only.  I'm going monday evening for a more induction type treatment, since I'll be 40 weeks then. I'll let you know if anything happens.  My acupuncturist firmly believes it will help labor start if your body is ready, and won't do anything if your body isn't ready.  So....yeah,...
Congrats!  Sounds like an awesome birth!  
Wow that's interesting!
Marmo, WW helped me lose over 60lbs after my second child was born.  I love the WW program.  It really works.  I did meetings, and track my food on their online tracker (etools).  I probably won't have much weight to lose this time around, but I'll probably do WW again.  I highly recommend their program.  Meetings can be great or just okay, depending on who the leader is and if you like their personality/style.  If you can, try out a few different leaders and see who you...
I gained 50lbs with my first, 45lbs with my second and so far I have gained 21lbs with this baby at 33 weeks.  I have tried really hard to keep the weight gain under control this time.  I fully admit the first two times I indulged a lot.  I also struggled to lose the weight after the first two kids.  This pregnancy has been physically so much easier with the smaller weight gain.  So much less pain overall.  I really think the weight gain thing is soooo individual.  You...
Wow!  He's beautiful!! Glad everyone is doing so well!!
Abouttobe5, it sounds like a tough decision, and I am honestly not sure what I would do if I were in your position.  I think at the end of the day, I would talk to as many of my family and friends as possible, and go with my gut decision.  I hope you are able to decide what to do and be comfortable with it.  Good luck!!
It seems so close and yet still so far too.  
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